In search of new writers!

To whom it may concern, meaning everyone out there,

Time has come for detur la Preciziei to extend its team, so we reach out to our readers because we are sure that among you there are at least a few passionate writers, with strong and pertinent opinions on Romanian cinema, willing to make themselves heard.

If you’re a film enthusiast, are familiar (or wish to be) with Romanian films, and you’re good with a pen or a keyboard (and not at playing WoW), why not join us? We are waiting (eagerly) to hear your voice.

Send us a (Romanian) film review at or in a private message on our Facebook page

We want you!

With love, to all our future writers,

detur la Preciziei

P.S. We accept texts in both Romanian and English (if you’re a master of both, we would appreciate you translating your own work, but that is not mandatory).

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